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Clinics, workshops, seminars, Western and Classical Dressage. Jec is available for lessons in Santa Cruz, CA and at clinic locations nationally.



Jec A. Ballou brings riders and horses measurable progress — while avoiding boredom, confusion, or injury — though correct physical conditioning of the horse. Her training emphasizes science-based exercises to improve movement and performance. She advocates cross-training for every horse and rider with training plans free of short-cuts or methods that restrict the horse’s movement.

Through this, I’ve identified five fundamentals of training horses and riders:

  • Healthy Movement
  • Simplicity in the training approach
  • Consistency
  • Mind-body connection for both horse and rider
  • Cross-disciplinary

First, a rider needs to be educated and developed. Next, and often simultaneously, his or her horse also needs to be educated and trained. These are separate jobs. Development of riders is not synonymous with training horses. Education of each entity must be treated distinctly and appropriately. Separating the education requirements of horse versus rider demystifies much of the training process. This is necessary for a holistic and compassionate training journey.

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I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how much I LOVE your books (I have the 101 dressage exercises and liked it so much, I got the Equine Fitness book). I first read about you in Horse Illustrated and just love your simple grids and patterns. - Bridget Bellocq

"Thank you so much for all the extra effort; you gave much more than was expected and then kept at it till you got results. It was encouraging to watch Mystic change."
- Delaya of Cool CA

"Thank you again and you are truly helping us all with what you do and do a GREAT job!!!"
- Julie of Huntington Beach CA

"I just had to email you about your new book. I opened the cover. I was planning on taking just a peek.... I've now been engrossed in its pages for more than an hour. This is a completely user friendly book. I can't say enough!!" - Stacy of Half Moon Bay CA

"You know I do admire your work, so am grateful to have you and any others like you out there."
- Donna Snyder Smith

"I wanted to let you know I am on the 4th week of your back conditioning program and my horse is making good progress."
- Carla Hawks

"I am really enjoying your books and would like to get some more as gifts."
- Kris Van Roo

"My brother has several mustangs on his ranch located north of Sacramento. He has your books and has had much success with his horses applying your lessons. Thank you for the will make a huge difference in my life." - Jackie Hare

Training Services

Training Services

View our multi-disciplinary schedule of workshops and sessions for your equine athlete, and take your performance to the next stage.

Training Services

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Training Services


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