• Meet Jec Ballou

    Jec A. Ballou's distinct love of developing equine athletes is fueled by her eclectic background. Raised in a horse training family, she has devoted herself to the most thorough, correct, and … Continue Reading…

    Meet Jec Ballou
  • Expos & Horse Fairs

    Jec Ballou frequently presents educational seminars and demos at horse expos around the country. Jec's demos appeal to a multi-discipinary audience and are clear, professional, and engaging. She is … Continue Reading…

    Expos & Horse Fairs
  • Clinic Programs

    Jec A. Ballou is offering the following clinic programs for this year... {Jec A. Ballou Clinic Contract - Download & Print} Cross-Training and Cavalletti for Dressage Accessible to all … Continue Reading…

    Clinic Programs
  • Classical Dressage Training

    Classical dressage training offers the horse and rider a path to physical development as well as harmonious bond and easeful communication. The rider must work tirelessly to learn the real and … Continue Reading…

    Classical Dressage Training
  • Western Dressage Training

    After seeing her presentations and clinics about improving performance and athleticism for equine athletes, the Western Dressage Association® of America in 2011 invited Jec Aristotle Ballou to serve … Continue Reading…

    Western Dressage Training
  • Horse Riding and Training

    Many horse riding masters agree that it takes at least a lifetime to learn how to ride well. Indeed, it might take a second lifetime to learn how to train a horse for dressage. In today’s age the … Continue Reading…

    Horse Riding and Training

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Welcome to one of the horse industry’s top sources of training and coaching for proper gymnastic development of horse and rider. With Jec A. Ballou, you will enjoy a commitment to classical dressage applied to every equine athlete regardless of discipline, from Western to trail to show ring. Your horse will move and perform better with Jec’s conditioning plans and passion for optimizing every horse’s individual talents. Sign up for a clinic or browse our books. Remember to always enjoy the journey.

Jec’s Philosophy

Modern training of horses and riders has been derailed from its classical foundations, which has created a complicated and confusing world for many horse owners. What’s needed is a return to straightforward, simple training. A lifetime in the horse world has given me the tools to be successful over the years bringing numerous diverse breeds and horses with different aptitudes to their individual optimal athleticism, mental confidence, and performance.

Through this, I’ve identified five fundamentals of training horses and riders:
  • Healthy Movement
  • Simplicity in the training approach
  • Consistency
  • Mind-body connection for both horse and rider
  • Cross-disciplinary
First, a rider needs to be educated and developed. Next, and often simultaneously, his or her horse also needs to be educated and trained. These are separate jobs. Development of riders is not synonymous with training horses. Education of each entity must be treated distinctly and appropriately. Separating the education requirements of horse versus rider demystifies much of the training process. This is necessary for a holistic and compassionate training journey.