Clinic Programs

Jec A. Ballou is offering the following clinic programs for this year…

{Jec A. Ballou Clinic Contract – Download & Print}

Cross-Training and Cavalletti for Dressage

Accessible to all levels of horses/riders, this clinic provides valuable routines and coaching for for the best cavalletti exercises in all three gaits for dressage horses. Improve your horse’s athleticism, confidence, and proprioception. Through the use of both group and private sessions, you will learn how to incorporate these fitness strategies in to your regular schedules.


Elite Equine Athlete

With morning private lessons followed by a lunch-time lecture/demo and then group training session, this program emphasizes exercises from Jec’s book Equine Fitness and equine physiology expertise to develop each horse’s movement and performance.


Western Dressage Performance

In this all-levels clinic, riders enjoy two group lessons daily. The morning’s session focuses on training exercises geared towards the development of the horse from Jec’s book 101 Western Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider, while the afternoon session offers routines for refining specific areas of interest generated from participants.