101 dressage exercises

101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

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Dressage, the equestrian practice in which a horse makes highly precise movements in response to barely perceptible signals from the rider, has taken hold of America’s equestrians. Participation rates have risen by 200 percent over the past twenty years, as baby-boomer riders have discovered dressage to be less strenuous and dangerous than jumping, yet offering the satisfaction of mastering techniques and the opportunity to compete and advance to higher levels of achievement.

101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider, presented in Storey’s highly visual “Read & Ride” format, features a full arena diagram and step- by- step instructions for each exercise. The exercises address all levels of riders, starting with the basics and moving up to maneuvers developed by members of the U.S. Olympic team. Training tips and masterly guidance make this an indispensable reference for all dressage riders. Even Western riders interested in enhancing their performance will find these foundational exercises useful.

Dressage riders are information-hungry readers, often referred to as “the thinking horsemen.” This book’s sturdy format, comb bound and drilled so it can be hung on a ringside post, will appeal to these reading riders, whether in or out of the saddle.

4 reviews for 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

  1. 5 out of 5


    If you have been riding dressage for very long, hopefully you have an instructor that teaches with exercises to help you advance or correct issues. I’ve always wanted to have a repository of those exercises and now I do. This book is excellent. If it wasn’t for copyright laws I would copy and laminate all of the pages in this book so that I could take them with me to the barn for easier reference! This is the best new dressage tool that I have come across in a very long time!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Very useful exercises for horses at all levels. Some of the exercises I did not do (Ackerman Square) as they have no forward in them. Format is excellent for taking into the arena with you. You can read it without your glasses.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Even though I ride western, 101 Dressage Exercises has helped me create more lift and forward motion in my horse while retaining flexion. I especially liked the chapters describing different stretches and massages beneficial to your horse. I also recently bought the author’s DVD, which is also really helpful. It goes into more depth regarding work-in-hand, and helped me pay closer attention to my horse’s muscular development.

  4. 4 out of 5


    Love the layout and progressive build up of drills. Suitable for all riding levels. Spiral ring makes it so much easier to study and use in arena. Having technical notes on goals of lessons is helpful. Only improvement would be a water resistant type paper or pocket guide accompaniment to use in the elements i.e. misting rain.

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