Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Right before dark I climbed up the final hill and jogged down a wooded path towards the finish line with my leg muscles so spent they felt like they were bleeding internally. My mind, though, was fresh and alert. I’m going to make it! I whispered aloud to myself. In reality, I meant we were going to make it. As solitary as it sounds to run a 100 kilometer (62 miles) trail race, the outcome relies on a team as I recently experienced.

As I jogged off the starting line of the Vermont 100 last week, two dear friends jumped in their truck to spend a very long day crewing for me around the course. They met me at aid stations to monitor my fatigue and calorie intake. They slathered sunscreen on my arms and shoved electrolytes at me. They became the axis around which I orbited, keeping my morale high.My thoughts fled to them when I knew they were waiting for me at the next aid station and then lingered behind with their cheering faces as I left each one. And at the finish, they jumped up and down to inform me that I had just placed third overall.

It sounded inconceivable.

How had I placed third in such a rigorous event at a distance I never previously attempted? How, when I spent 20 miles running while clutching a strained abdominal muscle, had I managed to keep a steady pace over 9,000 feet of elevation gain? As I lowered my quivery cramping body in to a chair muttering comments of disbelief, my friend told me she was not surprised at all. Watching me run all day, she knew I had the strength and patience to finish strong. She also knew how much training I undertook to prepare for this event, and even though she did not voice it she knew what a tough team stood behind me.

I spent 24 weeks preparing both physically and mentally for the race, adhering to daily regimes of workouts and recovery, often running 14 miles before work and another few on my way home. Before bed, I pulled on Back on Track recovery apparel and splayed across my foam roller to hit trigger points in my tight quads and calf muscles. Each morning, I settled my feet in the Back on Track socks I rely on to keep sole pain away. I tracked my hydration and nutrition with the big looming end goal in focus.

From the beginning of my trail running affection several years ago, Back on Track has supported my preparations for and recovery from adventures of all kinds. It has been a critical part of my team all along. Its presence and importance filled many of my thoughts during the 11 hours and 13 minutes it took me to run the Vermont 100k last weekend as I constantly scanned my body and mental state for vitality. Not only have I relied on Back on Track products for physical recovery but the good folks at the company have been cheerleaders from afar.

When I come up with a crazy goal like running across the Grand Canyon last year or tackling a mountainous 5-day stage race in British Columbia, my supporters at Back on Track never doubt me or question if I have lost my mind. They assume that with the right care, all will be possible. So far they have been right. That kind of positivity forms a backbone on any team that allows for epic outcomes.

Put simply, Back on Track is a company that helps individuals achieve their personal awesomeness. It is as dependable as its products and vice versa. So, believe me when I tell you that their products can help you reach your goals even when your goals seem beyond reach.